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Your Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC & Procurement experts for all your varying projects

Solotone Global Ventures is primarily a construction company that strives to meet its clients needs, employing very qualitative techniques considering the dynamic nature of the oil and gas industry.

We are also experts in Mechanical, Hydro, Electrical engineering with conmensurate expertise in HVAC, Access control and Procurement of high quality OEM equipments, services for the Oil and Gas Industry.


Mechanical Engineers

Capability and Efficiency put to work.

Solotone Global Ventures endeavours to provide engineering services of the highest quality, and are committed to provide state of the art designs that address the concerns of our clients as well as the environment..


Construction Engineers

Broad Spectrum Construction Experts

Solotone Global Ventures is a full-service general contracting company, providing general contracting, construction management and pre-engineered metal building services to a broad range of commercial and industrial clients.


HVAC Experts

Design, installation and maintenance of world class HVAC System

Keeping your heating and cooling system properly maintained by a professional is essential to having it run the way it should for years to come. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers have comfortable and clean air year round, and that’s why we encourage our customers to schedule HVAC maintenance with us once to twice a year. .


Access Control Experts

Ensuring approved and authorised access to you, your assets, environment and facilities.

Industry-renowned for product quality and customer support, Solotone access control systems are built on a foundation of versatility, flexibility, and scalability with a team of professionals is dedicated to designing and Installing the best in Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, CCTV and other IT/Security products that address today's real-world security challenges. Whether your organization or business is a small regional enterprise or a multi-national corporation with locations around the globe, Solotone has the right Security Control Solution that gives you total control from one system



These are some of our flagship services rendered to deliver your world class projects


We are recognized for inspired designs that address the functional, environmental and contextual needs of its clients.


We design and Install the best in Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, CCTV and other IT/Security products that address today's real-world security challenges..


Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, CCTV and other IT/Security products.


We maintain the highest standards in the industry and implements leading-edge construction methods, tools, materials and techniques that meet the ever-developing environmental demands and safety requirements.

Expert Worker

We are highly qualified in all our areas of service provision and the technical field of security, project management and service delivery and operate as a continuously learning organisation.

Great Support

We always have our eye on the solutions we have provided and equipment(s) you have in place, so as the number of your properties increases, we will be ready to support you.

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